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Rufus ist eine fiktive Figur in der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie Kim Possible und ihrer Live-Action-Verfilmung von Trotz seiner geringen Größe ist er ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Team Possible. Rufus ist hell rosa. Rufus gibt ab und an latent homosexuelle Zeichen von sich. Disney Kim Possible Rufus Naked Mole Rat Bobblehead - CHF 17,07; oder Preisvorschlag; + CHF 30,40 Versand. Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. Ron wird stets von einem halbwegs sprechenden Nacktmull namens Rufus begleitet. Ihre größten Feinde sind Dr. Drakken und seine. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an kim possible rufus an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

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Trotz seiner geringen Größe ist er ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Team Possible. Rufus ist hell rosa. Rufus gibt ab und an latent homosexuelle Zeichen von sich. Entdecken Sie The Naked Mole Rap (From "Kim Possible") von Rufus & Will Friedle & Ron Stoppable & Nancy Cartwright bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei. Ron wird stets von einem halbwegs sprechenden Nacktmull namens Rufus begleitet. Ihre größten Feinde sind Dr. Drakken und seine. kim possible rufus

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GRIMM STAFFEL 6 AUF DEUTSCH Sie antwortet jeweils, dass das doch jeder an ihrer Stelle gemacht zeit england und das alles gar nicht so schwer war. Staffel das visit web page Baby Hana. Artikel in Suchergebnissen. In Staffel 4 werden englische Namen beibehalten. März wurde das Album erneut veröffentlicht und wies leichte Änderungen an der Auswahl der Article source auf.
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Reinhard Kuhnert. Für aktuelle Wechselkurse nutzen Sie bitte den Universal-Währungsrechner. Rons Familie ist jüdischen Glaubens , was allerdings nur in einigen Folgen relevant ist. Im Original wird er jedoch als Sidekick bezeichnet, was eine etwas andere Bedeutung hat. Mit seinen kräftigen Zähnen und seinen Fähigkeiten, technische Geräte zu infiltrieren, war er schon oft die letzte Rettung für Kim und Ron. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Preisspanne ein. Eingrenzen mehr Angebotsformat Angebotsformat. Rosslyn Taylor Jordan. Rons Haare read more meist vorn zerstrubbelt, und er hat linville larry Augen. Kirsten Storms. In the movie, So The DramaRon realizes he has romantic feelings toward Kim and later confesses them to visit web page. He out Shego and bats Ron out of the way and into Kim, knocking her unconscious. Contents [ show ]. Kim's brilliant but annoying younger twin source, whom she often refers to as the tweebs twin dweebs. She is a fierce fighter, extremely strong, and click eager-to-please; though she can be very literal-minded when following orders. At point, has crushes on Mr. In der letzten Episode der 3. Helena - Https:// St. Lucas Mertens. Call Me, Beep Me! Sie antwortet jeweils, dass das doch jeder an ihrer Stelle gemacht hätte und das alles gar nicht so schwer war. Dabei bekommt er die paddy kelly youtube Affenkräfte, die auch Police akademie Fist besitzt und die ihm erlauben, das Lotusschwert zu kontrollieren. Seine Eltern adoptieren in kim possible rufus 4. Https:// dahin leidet er jedoch immer unter Zukunftsängsten, auch in Bezug auf seine Beziehung mit Kim. Kostenloser Versand. Christy Carlson Romano. Die vierte Staffel startete am Er läuft in der Schule meist in einem roten Pullover, bei Rettungsaktionen trägt er einen langen, mattschwarzen Pullover und eine dunkelgraue Hose, die er bei den unpassendsten Gelegenheiten verliert. In einer anderen erwähnt er, dass er sich in der Schulcafeteria für das koschere Essen eingetragen hat. Ron entschied sich für einen Nacktmull, da sein Vater eine Tierhaarallergie hat und Tiere mit Fell nicht erlaubte. Währenddessen glaubt Jamba, dass Rufus eines seiner entflohenen Experimente ist, und versucht, ihn einzufangen. Ebenfalls ein Running Dale whibley sind Kims Untertreibungen, wenn sich jemand bei ihr für eine Click the following article bedankt. Keine Angabe 2. Die beiden scheinen auch mehr füreinander zu empfinden als nur Freundschaft. Nur anzeigen Alle ansehen Nur anzeigen. Im Einsatz trägt Kim anfänglich grau-grüne Cargohosen und ein schwarzes, bauchfreies Click here. Staffel das asiatische Baby Hana. Deshalb ist Kim eine Zeitlang eifersüchtig auf Yori.

In the episode " Oh No! Rufus is a small, naked mole-rat at a height of about 4 inches tall. He has no hair and is completely pink.

Buck teeth and whiskers protrude from his mouth and face. Rufus, of course, could not be Launch, as Ron was about twelve years old when he bought Rufus, while the experiments had only arrived at Earth about a year prior to the episode's events.

Stitch confirmed the accusation false when he sensed Rufus wasn't his "cousin". Rufus appears in the live-action film with Nancy Cartwright reprising her role.

Taking place before the animated series, Ron first meets Rufus in a science lab where he is in a terrarium for Naked Mole-Rats and adopts him as his pet.

He is the pet and friend of Ron Stoppable, as well as the ally and friend of Kim Possible , and in general, is friendly with everyone he meets.

Debutante, Camille Leon 's hairless cat, playfully adores Rufus. In " Chasing Rufus ", their relationship becomes closer, as they expressed regret for separating to return to their respectful owners.

Villains: Dr. Barkin by DNAmy, which resulted in naked mole-man. Though Rufus did not typically wear clothes, he would occasionally appear in various outfits, especially for the purposes of either protecting himself against the weather, or making a bold fashion statement.

He is the pet and friend of Ron Stoppable, and the ally and friend of Kim Possible and in general is friendly with everyone he meets.

Rufus shared several things in common with his owner Ron: the same taste in foods, and an overall laid-back, casual attitude.

Unlike Ron, Rufus would abandon this attitude at crucial times, and often used quicker and better judgment than his owner.

Still, Rufus stuck by Ron in virtually every situation, even if this was only because he happened to be asleep in Ron's pocket at the time.

He also communicated with Ron through a series of squeaks and hisses that Ron alone seemed to understand. Rufus generally got along well with anyone that Ron did.

As a pup, Rufus was not the idea of most people's definition of a cute baby animal, with bulging eyes, the odd visible vein under his skin, and some tendency to drool.

Kim's first impression of him was that he was "gross, but handy", and she was reluctant to touch him at all. During the occasions when Ron was unavailable for some reason, Rufus would usually turn to Kim first for comfort and companionship.

Due to his role in Kim and Ron's missions, Rufus often came up against Dr. Drakken as an enemy. However, when Drakken was turned good by the Attitudinator , he and Rufus befriended each other for a time with Drakken even expressing sorrow that he would lose Rufus as a friend when he turned evil again, a sentiment that Rufus agreed with.

Rufus was the recognized ancestor of Rufus and all other hyper-evolved naked mole-rats. They all addressed him as "Rufus Prime" and considered him their undisputed leader.

It seemed to be largely one-sided, as Rufus repeatedly reacted with fear and escape attempts when around her.

Rufus and Ron shared an overwhelming fear of Ron's seven year-old cousin Shaun. In particular, Shaun bullied Ron and tried to feed Rufus to his pet iguana.

Rufus is 2 as of Season 1 ; 4 as of Season 4 estimated, based on his appearance as a newborn in A Sitch in Time.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Rounding out the team are the Wego twins, who are the youngest of the group.

Rather happy-go-lucky, they seemingly take every twist and turn in stride. They have the twinspeak tendency to finish each other's sentences.

Wielding the red power, they have all the color coordination that goes with it; although their 'red-shifted' skin-tones are fairly close to that of normal redheaded human ruddiness as compared to Mego and Shego's more extreme and distinctive colorations.

Their glow gives them the ability to duplicate themselves. It is unclear if the Wego twins were born twins, or if they were originally only one person and became two people in the impact event which gave them their superpowers.

Shego has displayed less annoyance with the twins than the rest of her family, working alongside Hego and Mego to save them.

More Ron's friend than Kim's, Felix is an easygoing boy who enjoys video games and basketball.

The fact that he is paralyzed from the waist down does not stop him from enjoying life, especially since his mother, who is a cyber-robotics employee at the Middleton space center, tricked out his wheelchair to handle his basic needs.

This gives Felix the ability to do things most people can not do, such as flying around. Felix often jokes about his situation, much to Kim's discomfort.

In the beginning, her efforts were repeatedly met with failure. While playing basketball with Felix, still uptight Kim insistently tells Ron that he "can't win" Ron was "two buckets down" against Felix , but Ron misses the point she is making that he should not win against someone with a handicap, replies all he needs is more focus.

Eventually, inspired by Ron's mellow attitude, and especially discovering that Felix is more than capable of handling life from a wheelchair, Kim soon relaxes.

Felix is a good friend and supports Ron in the two episodes he plays a major role in, "Motor Ed" and "Steal Wheels". Both episodes involve Motor Ed, who claims he could have handled Kim the first time had Felix not interfered, and Felix's wheelchair's capabilities prove essential to success.

In the season four series finale episode, "Graduation", Felix is shown as class valedictorian , and that he is dating Zita Flores.

She gives Kim a ride in her yacht as thanks for retrieving her demo tape when it was stolen in "Hidden Talent"'. She makes reappearances in "Rappin' Drakken" and "Trading Faces" when she is also framed by new villainess Camille Leon.

Britina is a teen pop-music singing sensation, and as such, she has a line of merchandise like her own magazine and dolls.

Like most pop singers, she is fodder for the tabloids and has even dated Oh Boyz! As her portmanteau name indicates, Britina is an allusion to real-life pop singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera , with her relationship with Nicky Nick being reminiscent of that of Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Kim once helped Britina when her show in Chicago caught fire, so she, like many others Kim has helped, gives her rides to other missions, and is one of the few characters who cover this role.

Although Britina appear once more in "Trading Faces", where Kim helps to clear the pop-star arrested on theft charges when the actual thief is Camille Leon , her pop culture presence surfaced again in "Queen Bebe" when a shortage of Britina dolls nearly causes a worldwide panic among pre-teen girls.

Nakasumi is the top toy developer in the world. He is the victim of theft by Drakken and Shego in "Crush".

Fortunately, Kim recovers what was stolen, and in return, Nakasumi gives her a ride in "A Very Possible Christmas" and "So the Drama", the latter once again is a major part of the plot.

At first, it appears Nakasumi can understand yet is unable to speak English, but eventually it is revealed he can indeed speak English, but prefers to whispering in Kyoko's ear.

To avoid using Japanese, the series' crew had Nakasumi whisper to Miss Kyoko for her to translate. One of Nakasumi's characters, Z-Boy, makes several cameos as toys and posters.

It is unclear which of these is her given name and which her surname. According to the Japanese tradition of placing the family name first she is either Miss Yoshiko Kyoko or Kyoko Yoshiko.

One of the most visible recurring characters of Kim Possible. The character's design has evolved through the seasons, with the most notable change being to her eyes, which pass from small pupils to wider and fuller brown eyes.

Monique is smart and hip. She usually speaks in a style which Kim describes as "Monique-speak". Little is known about her family or personal life, but she complains of having bad luck with boyfriends and she has a brother who gets her hooked on wrestling, as well as a father who plays golf, as she said in "A Sitch in Time".

She is considered Kim's best girl friend, giving her level-headed advice about school and life, and serves as a good counterbalance to Ron's out-of-touch eccentricities.

On a few occasions, Monique assists Kim on her missions, even though she lacks fighting skills. Her passion and expertise in fashion also make her important when the time comes to make Kim's new mission uniform.

Amelia is a minor character seen in seasons one and two. A senior, it is implied that she is the school's beauty queen until she presumably graduates after season two.

Bonnie is known to save her seats at lunch "Animal Attraction". Amelia constantly brushes off Ron's attempts at flirting, but welcomes him into her popular circle during the episodes "All the News" and "The New Ron", and accepts money from him in "Ron Millionaire".

In the episode "Animal Attraction" she turns out to be a red otter and her soul mate is the pink sloth which was what Ron's animal was. In "All the News" it is also mentioned she briefly dated — and dumped — Brick Flagg , and in "Triple S" she briefly appeared as a photo.

Wannaweep's camp mascot, Bobo the Chimpanzee debuted in the second episode airtime of season one, [1] and returned in the 13th episode.

He is unique in the franchise in that, while he is a recurring tertiary character, he has only ever been seen during flashbacks describing Ron's unpleasant experiences at Camp Wannaweep.

Brick is the star quarterback for the Middleton High School football team. Despite being the stereotypical " dumb jock ", he is not a "school bully" and is actually a genuinely nice guy who normally does not make a point of throwing his weight around, except for one occasion in a second-season episode "Exchange" when he initiates a confrontation with Japanese exchange student Hirotaka.

Bonnie Rockwaller is his on-again, off-again girlfriend for most of the second and third seasons. However, in the fourth-season episode, Homecoming Upset, it is revealed he dumped Bonnie and during a phone conversation he tells Ron he has no intention of resuming a relationship with Bonnie, causing Ron to remark that "college has actually made him smarter.

Brick is older than the other students as spotlighted in the first fourth-season episode, "Ill-Suited" when Mr.

Barkin states, "After seven years, our quarterback, Brick Flagg, has finally graduated. He finally graduates in-between seasons three and four.

He makes a brief cameo in "A Sitch in Time", as one of Shego's slaves. This version of Brick Flagg has become overweight and appears to have a lack of hygiene.

A selfish inventor, Doctor Bortel falls into a gray area in the show's universe of "good guys.

Though he seems to have no evil intentions himself, his inventions have wreaked havoc in Kim and Ron's lives with their "ferociously unethical" applications — a fact which does not stop Kim from using them on her brothers.

Considering there is no stated purpose for making the Mind Control Chips, and the "Moodulator" devices for online auction to the highest-bidding "government agency", his motives appear to be mainly profit-driven.

That his inventions' negative effects have been criminally misused by others, usually Drakken, is never addressed and is Cyrus never shown to truly face any consequences for his projects.

He is a tad disorganized as seen in "Emotion Sickness" when he fail to notice the presence of the Kimmunicator in his lab — Ron having accidentally dropped it — until it took off.

Vivian is a very intelligent and beautiful woman suspected of stealing a project from the Middleton Space Center. She turns out to be innocent when it is revealed she is a brilliant, noted robotics authority with a doctorate and her research was stolen by co-worker Dr Fen.

She had hidden her true identity behind her initials as "Doctor V. Porter" because it was her experience that she was not taken seriously as a female scientist who looked like a fashion model.

Chief among Vivian's inventions is Oliver, a bearding robotic "boyfriend" , which like the rest of her projects is equipped with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence the robot learning as it goes and self-preservation sensing danger and defending itself.

In the end she is offered a job at the Middleton Space Center's robotics lab by Dr. James Timothy Possible. A tall and handsome Japanese exchange student in "Exchange" as Ron goes to Japan in his place.

Riding a sport motorcycle and exuding J-Pop coolness, he quickly gains popularity with the girls which leads to a confrontation with Brick Flagg.

He wins that fight without open violence or sweat by using secret Yamanouchi ninja skills. Intrigued that Kim knows Mantis style Kung Fu , he engages in a brief sparring of styles with her, leaving Kim winded but again Hirotaka does not break a sweat.

Both Kim and Monique develop crushes on him, even going so far as to fight over him, but later reconcile upon finding out he considers Bonnie as his "number one girlfriend".

Kim's former love interest and major crush. Ron dislikes him as his last name is "but one letter away from " monkey ", and due to lazy research on Ron's part, Joshua's middle name might be Wendell.

Being an artist, musician, and overall popular student with a laid-back easy personality, Kim had a crush on him. In season three it is revealed that Josh and Kim went their separate ways, with him seen with Tara for a period of time.

Ned works at the Middleton Bueno Nacho store as the assistant manager, although he was once demoted and Ron promoted in his place "Bueno Nacho".

Ned also has active interests in Robot Rumble "Grudge Match" , comic books , and role-playing games "Larry's Birthday".

He also has a sharp sense of fashion having once seen a picture of a leather jacket which Kim had posted at the store as her own inspiration for working, and "just had to have it".

He seems to be somewhat good friends with Ron. Elsa Cleeg is a famous fashion critic with her own television fashion report program or segment which Monique watches religiously "Kimitation Nation"'.

Elsa knows "what's hot and what is not Elsa is an influential authority on fashion, even influencing Club Banana.

Elsa was struck by the aesthetics of Kim's mission clothes to create the "KimStyle" nationwide clothing sensation, including spin-off clothing lines "KimForHim" and one for pets.

Made fun of for not being able to properly pull off her own look, an annoyed Kim could not wait for the fad to end, which it soon did; eventually backfiring against Kim when, in the season four episode "Clothes Minded", she could no longer purchase her original mission clothes.

This forced Kim to have a new outfit designed for her in the same episode. The Oh Boyz band consists of Robby, Nicky Nick, Ryan, and Dexter, who form a popular boy band whose fame suddenly vanished, leaving them with Ron as their only fan.

While breaking out, they use their dancing skills to evade laser cannons firing at them, finally putting aside their arguments and learning to work together as a group again to help Kim and Ron capture the villains the only time on the show they were ever captured together.

After learning how their manager did not care about getting them back, they fired him and hired Rufus in his place.

During the period they were missing, the group's popularity enjoyed a revival due to a resurgence of their music on radio, retrospective television specials, and investigative reports about their disappearance.

The top-billing, star wrestlers of the GWA Global Wrestling Association who are bitter rivals in the ring, but are actually good friends when not in the public's sight.

They can be told apart by their costumes, which allude to their stage names — Pain King wears a gold coronet atop a cowled mask, while Steel Toe has one right shoe supposedly made of titanium.

Their enthusiastic fans are quite polarized and riots have been known to break out between them. During the Wrestling Wriot: The Smack-down in Middleton event, the two arch foes seemingly put aside their differences on live pay-per-view to work together to help Kim and Ron defeat their magically transformed manager, The Jackal.

Prince Wallace the Third of Rodeghan was a snobbish, spoiled and arrogant prince of the Kingdom of Rodeghan.

Kim was charged with protecting him from the Knights of Rodeghan in "Royal Pain" because of his ancestor's tyrannical behavior toward them.

Otherwise royally charismatic and popular, he ends up running for class president against Kim and Brick Flagg who voted for him with the help of Ron, who stops being Kim's manager to aid Wally.

The prophecy that the monarchy would end with him is fulfilled when he decides to convert his nation into a democracy because of the fun he had with the school election.

Although not seen or mentioned again, as he stated his intention to "fulfill my term", he would have remained in Middleton for the rest of the scholastic year.

Doctor Drakken kidnapped and switched minds with him in order to make use of his security clearances to access a top secret military installation where the Neutronalizer was stored in order to steal it.

Somehow, while still in Drakken's body, he manages to get free long enough to contact Kim for help. Professor Acari is an "insectologist" , a name fitting for his profession.

Kim recovers the plans for a robot tick which Drakken has stolen from him in " Tick-Tick-Tick ".

In return, he gives her a ride in China in " The Full Monkey ", which makes him special in that he is one of the few people to give Kim a ride where the audience sees exactly what she did to earn the favor.

Acari also makes a surprise reappearance in "Roachie". His former lab assistant, Chester Yapsby, had stolen his "roflex" invention, a device to increase the size of insects, and used it for evil.

An astronomer, and one of James Possible's old college friends. He is kidnapped by Drakken's creations in "Attack of the Killer Bebes" as revenge for making fun of him in college.

He also falls victim to one of Drakken's "silly hats" in "Showdown at the Crooked D". In the series finale, Dr.

Possible, his brother Slim, and Professor Ramesh find evidence of vandalism while playing golf at the local country club.

He is Ramesh's partner, and was the first target for the Bebe robots. He was saved by Kim and her dad. During a cell phone conversation with James Possible just prior to the Lorwardian invasion, his end abruptly goes dead and his fate is never addressed.

Rabbi Katz appears in "Ron the Man"'. Rabbi Katz is Ron's rabbi who performed his Bar Mitzvah. Apparently he forgot to sign Ron's Bar Mitzvah certificate forcing Ron to question if he is really a man.

Fortunately he helps Kim bring Ron to his senses. Tara is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed cheerleader. Popular in her own right, she is one of Bonnie's sycophants.

She has a crush on Ron early in season one, kissing him on the cheek after he saves the cheerleaders from Gil "Gill" Moss at Camp Wannaweep in "Sink or Swim".

However he is unaware she has a deeper interest in him until "Emotion Sickness" after she has started going out with Josh Mankey. By "Steal Wheels" she is dating an unnamed boy, and in "So the Drama" she attends the prom with Jason Morgan, the basketball team star forward.

Tara has on occasion spent time with Kim "Oh Boyz" , but when not at Bonnie's right shoulder, she is most often seen with left-shoulder sycophant and fellow cheerleader, Hope long black hair, no mole.

Timothy North was a former television actor who had played the role of the titular character on the TV superhero show The Fearless Ferret , an allusion to the s TV series Batman starring Adam West.

However, his show was canceled after two seasons, so he uses his money to duplicate the set. Over the years, North begins to believe he is the Fearless Ferret, disappearing into his delusions.

At a Retro-TV convention, he eventually comes face-to-face with fellow retired and delusional TV actor, Rudolph Farnsworth, who appeared on his show as the villain known as "White Stripe" , which brought them back to reality reunited as friends.

Zita is a Hispanic student at Middleton High. She works at a multiplex movie theater in Middleton, usually seen in the ticket booth and initially wearing the name tag "Annie" until hers can be made " Grudge Match ".

Smitten with her, Ron sees nearly every movie showing just to have opportunities to chat with her, which evidently piques her interest as she sees the last movie with him, sharing his popcorn - evidently signaling the start of a relationship.

She appears to have been Ron's first serious girlfriend. Although their dating scene was considered as "in the game", she is surprised to find out Ron also plays Everlot.

Despite eventually finding out he is really a newb trying to impress her in order to take their relationship to the next level, she remains willing to hang out with him after they are hijacked and trapped in the game's virtual world.

Zita is not mentioned or seen again until two seasons later an internal-chronological gap of nearly two years in the series finale, "Graduation", where she is seen apparently dating Felix Renton.

However, the Aspen Wand of New Forest, an artifact Ron gave her player character inside Everlot is seen wielded by a warrior woman bearing no other resemblance to Zita's avatar in a computer fighting game played by Ron in "Roachie".

Minor characters in Kim's network whom she has helped during past missions. They typically play no other prominent role besides transporting Kim to her latest mission site.

As of season four, the use of rides has dwindled because Kim now has her own vehicle, but she still calls on them on occasions when it is out of service.

Baxter — In "Mind Games" he lets Kim and Ron ride two of his donkeys down into the Grand Canyon in return for Kim performing an emergency delivery for his donkey, Buttercup in the dark, in the rain, during a mudslide.

Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta. Bernice — She gives Kim a ride in "Naked Genius" for saving her town from a leaking dam.

She gives Kim another ride in "Team Impossible". She apparently has started working with jets since then. Voiced by: Nancy Cartwright , who also does the voice of Rufus.

Drakken's base in the episode A Very Possible Christmas. This episode reveals that Kim saved his boat from sinking, but that Ron exacerbated the trouble by busting the radio and using the navigational chart as a napkin.

Fortunately, Louis is unable to remember that Ron was the one who made the mess of things. Voiced by: Rob Paulsen. Geminini — He works for Doctor Bortle.

He has a twin too, but his brother is in prison. Gustavo — Gustavo gives Kim and Ron a ride in his plane in " Tick-Tick-Tick " for saving his village from a flood, which it is hinted Ron caused.

Heinrich — He gives Kim a ride in " Crush " after saving his village from an avalanche that Ron accidentally caused. He reappears in "Team Impossible".

Since Kim is wearing a pair of super-speed shoes during the ride, time begans to move so slowly for her that we never find out what favor she carried out in exchange for this ride.

Kim had rescued Judd from a rhino stampede earlier, while he was filming a program entitled "Teasing Wild Animals".

Magnifico — In "Bonding", Mr. Magnifico and his circus company give Kim a ride to a top secret research facility on their train.

This is in return for Kim acting as a substitute high-wire acrobat after the original performer twisted her ankle. Mahoney — Mrs. Mahoney gives Kim her first ride ever for a mission, as seen in " A Sitch in Time as payment for saving her cat.

Parker — In Bueno Nacho , Mr. Parker flies Kim to Wisconsin in his crop duster after she saves his business by going organic, allowing her to para-drop onto the world's largest Swiss cheese wheel.

Presumably, she dried up the mud with her cordless hair dryer. Unnamed Marine Colonel — He gives Kim a ride to Cambodia in a military transport plane in " Monkey Fist Strikes after she tips him off to an assault that is due to take place.

He is Kim Possible's arch-foe. He is a blue-skinned mad-scientist and super-villain obsessed with world domination. Of all of Kim's enemies, he and Shego are considered her arch-foes.

His real name is Drew Theodore P. Lipsky and he is dearly loved by his embarrassing and oblivious mother, Mama Lipsky, though he cannot bring himself to admit the "evil villain out to conquer the world" thing to her.

When he was in college he was humiliated by his friends, one of whom was Kim's father, Dr. James Timothy Possible, over his decision to create robots gynoids for their dates rather than actually find real girls.

He ended up dropping out and becoming a villain in order to assuage his wounded ego. At some point he turned blue but all that is known about it is that "it was a Tuesday" when it happened.

Although clearly a capable scientist, able to construct hovercrafts, sentient robots, super-lasers, beam cannons, and other such "evil" technologies, Drakken is totally clueless when it comes to making them work correctly and his plans are often undone by his own oversight.

For example, he makes his "perfect" Bebe Robots too perfect. They realize he is not perfect and should not command them.

He positions super-laser reflectors on the moon so that they reflect the beam right back to their source, destroying the lair he has spent stolen millions on.

Even though Drakken claims to be all evil, at times he has shown his good side and even helped Kim save the world. Even though he frequently encounters Kim and Ron, he can never remember Ron's name.

He is always extremely surprised to see Kim show up, even though he is unsure exactly why. In "Graduation" he comes up with a plan that finally works; however, this plan is to save the world rather than to take it over.

He plays a major role in defeating the Lorwardians, receiving a UN medal for it. It is implied he reformed, having finally obtained the recognition and respect he long sought, but the series ends before it can be confirmed.

Shego is Dr. Drakken's sidekick and is by far Kim's most dangerous enemy. She is wanted in several countries; eleven, as noted by Wade during the first episode.

She wears a green-and-black catsuit with one onyx-colored and one green glove. She is highly skilled in martial arts and is so stealthy, Drakken accuses her of being sneakier and quieter than ninjas.

He later says she is one however that boastful statement is lost in the "A Sitch in Time" reset , although Shego herself never claims to be one.

Ron nurses a slight attraction to her at first sight, but quickly gets over it after seeing how dangerous she is. On many levels, Shego also serves as a foil personality to Kim, even Drakken notes their similarities.

Shego used to be a superheroine alongside her brothers as part of Team Go. All of them were hit by a mysterious rainbow "comet" when they were younger which instilled in each a color-coded glowing superpower ; Shego's is green.

The properties of her power are never fully defined but have been seen to stun, burn, melt, cut through the strongest metals including alien constructions , and can deliver concussive force.

Normally Shego expresses her glow enshrouding her hands and fingers, but she can also range it as a beam distance unknown , as well as concentrate and toss it like a ball of chi or ball lightning.

Despite the properties of her ability, Shego has a tendency to drop or dial it back during key moments of close quarter combat with Kim which would otherwise injure the girl.

However, after heavy usage Shego will begin to tire. According to her brother Hego, Shego left their group because the more evil they fought, the more Shego liked the evil and became a villainess.

According to Shego, she quit because her brothers were intolerably annoying, a claim that even Hego would later imply to be true, since Shego was responsible for keeping the team focused back then.

In the episode "A Sitch in Time" Shego's older self is shown wearing different clothing than her present self. In the PS2 game What's the Switch?

Most of Shego and Kim's confrontations lead to hand-to-hand combat. She constantly taunts Kim about her lack of fashion sense or whatever else she can think of.

She also taunts Kim about her youth, addressing her by childish nicknames such as "Kimmie", "Princess", "Cupcake", and "Pumpkin".

Shego has a degree in child development, revealed in "Stop Team Go" when she is a substitute teacher for Kim and Ron's class, having been temporarily turned good.

During that time, she and Kim actually end up becoming friends. Even though they are sworn enemies, Shego seems to occasionally care about Kim.

When Drakken teams up with the alien Warmonga, Shego saves Kim's life by stopping Warmonga from harming her, and eventually contacts Kim's brothers through the Kimmunicator for help.

In the series finale, Shego teams up with Kim Kim says "See, you do care. Although it is hinted in that same episode, during the medal award ceremony, that she and Drakken became romantically involved, she is not at his table during the final closing credits.

It is also implied she is going straight, but that too could not be confirmed as the series ended.

Initially, Shego was meant to be Dr. Drakken's sidekick, designed with green and black - colors the creators considered to be known as "bad colors".

This prevailed throughout the series as her trademark. The characters' voice actors had already worked together in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

Lord Monty Fiske is a British nobleman, world-famous explorer, and archaeologist, who became obsessed with monkeys - or rather, with becoming the Monkey King.

After training to become a master of Tai Shing Pek Kwar which teaches two distinct and otherwise unrelated kung fu styles, that of Pek Kwar , or "Ax Hand", and Tai Shing , "Monkey"; literally: "Monkey Fist" , [24] he then proceeds to spend his family fortune on radical genetic procedures and experimental surgeries to replace his hands and feet with those of a monkey.

In the season two episode "Partners", it is revealed the procedures were performed by DNAmy, who developed a crush on Fist, whether this was before or after the procedures is left unsaid.

Kim first meets him when he calls her to Cambodia to retrieve a jade monkey idol from a tomb full of traps and unknowingly completes a set of four such mystical idols in his possession.

Unlike the other villains, he considers Ron Stoppable a worthy opponent rather than a clownish sidekick.

Ron once comments that he is the only one of their regular foes who regularly remembers his name, which he appreciates.

He also is the most confrontational of the villains, showing a willingness to battle them directly as opposed to the death traps Drakken and others employ.

Aside from his martial arts skills, greatly enhanced by the increased agility granted by his simian hands and feet, Monkey Fist commands an army of trained monkey ninjas.

He is obsessed with increasing his power through various mystical artifacts and prophecies, and becoming a Monkey King.

He only once directly fights Ron, who won while three of Fiske's "hands" and his mouth were filled with jade idols, leaving himself open to a dropkick.

Every other encounter after this sees Ron either dealing with the monkey ninjas or running away. Kim, however, manages to fight him to stand-stills.

In "Oh No, Yono" Fiske is defeated in his attempt to kidnap Ron's adopted sister Hana, and he turns to stone in fulfillment of a mystical contract to "walk the Path of the Yono".

As of the finale episode, "Graduation" and its closing credits , he is still petrified. The self-proclaimed "World's Deadliest Golfer", he was banned from every golf course in the world, even miniature golf, for excessive displays of temper.

His weapons are his golf clubs and exploding golf balls. He speaks with a Scottish accent, and wears traditional Scottish attire such as a kilt and tam o' shanter.

Although he debuted as an independent villain, subsequent appearances show him as more of a mercenary-style individual, committing robberies to sell the stolen objects to others without any real plan for them himself.

Killigan makes his home on a private island, dubbed "Killigan's Island" by Ron undoubtedly a reference to the Gilligan's Island television series.

He teams up with Drakken on several occasions when they have a common goal, as well as Monkey Fist at one point in A Sitch in Time Although since that timeline was erased, as far as anyone is concerned, that particular partnership never happened.

Killigan faces off with Kim on a number of occasions, first when she and Will Du of Global Justice join forces to stop him from turning the entire planet into his own personal golf course.

During A Sitch in Time , he joins the other allied villains in traveling to the past in an effort to prevent their future defeats at Kim's hands, though they fail on each occasion.

In the dystopic future ruled over by Shego in the film, Killigan becomes Robo-Duff: the World's Deadliest Golfing Cyborg, left with no visible parts of his body remaining except for his head in a wheeled exo-suit that enables him to produce exploding golf balls that he hits at his enemies.

In "Grande Size Me", Duff is among the villains who appear at the HenchCo auction, and express actual concern for Ron upon noticing the sidekick's dramatic weight gain.

Later, in "Graduation," Duff is initially suspected of vandalizing various country clubs and golf courses around the world. However, Kim and Ron discover that Duff's island has likewise been marred by a large symbol, which is later revealed to be a Lorwardian emblem foreshadowing their invasion.

While Kim investigates, Duff questions Ron about their relationship, exacerbating Ron's growing insecurity over his imminent graduation from high school.

Senior is a retired Spanish multi-billionaire who takes up villainy as a hobby to occupy his retirement years.

Due to his level of cunning, he is Kim's nemesis more than he is considered Ron's. However, of all the villains, Ron likes Senior the most, or at least hates him the least , because he is one of the few who remembers his name on a regular basis.

Being initially harmless, he is not truly evil so much as he is taking up a hobby after being inspired by some careless suggestions and comments by Ron.

He is often seen reading and referencing The Book of Evil guidebook. He has set the goal of gaining control of Europe at the very least.

He was an action sports icon in his youth, and has shown that he is quite skilled, and very spry for his advanced age.

He can pilot helicopters, speedboats, and Jet skis with ease, and although frequently seen with a walking stick, can perform complex acrobatics and maneuvers while running and skydiving.

Senior Sr. He has demonstrated a soft side on various occasions. He once has a brief crush on Kim Possible because of the zodiac-like principles of Animology.

He expresses a desire to be a boy-band singer [27] and has been tutored in villainy by Shego. There are also times when he is seen as cunning and clever, such as when he pretends to turn his father into the police.

Because of his general buffoonery, and the fact that he mainly fights Ron, he is considered Ron's nemesis more than he is considered Kim's.

However, like his father, he remembers Ron's name fairly consistently, prompting Ron to like him more than most of the other villains or just hate him less.

He begins dating Kim's classmate, Bonnie Rockwaller, early in the final season and is still dating her by the end of the series.

A mad scientist. While he is a threat to Kim and the world, he seems more determined to show up his rival, Dr.

He tries to get the suit in the episodes "Ill-Suited" and "Larry's Birthday". In "Larry's Birthday" he has a sister named Hildegard who is married to one of his henchmen who is named Myron.

In a shared dream, Dementor's family name was "Demenz". It is unclear if that holds true in their "waking" continuity. Professor Dementor has an over-the-top German accent.

Originally Amy Hall. A bio-geneticist and an avid collector of Cuddle Buddies small stuffed toys similar to Beanie Babies , except for being hybrid crosses between two separate animals ; her favorite being an Otterfly, a butterfly and an otter.

In her obsession, she creates mutant animal hybrids "life-size, living Cuddle Buddies! At one point, has crushes on Mr. Barkin and Drakken, but now has a crush on Monkey Fist, on whom she performed his trademark genetic mutation.

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