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Anna und Beth galten immer als unzertrennlich. Doch die besten Freundinnen entfernten sich über die Jahre immer weiter voneinander und ließen Neid und Konkurrenzkampf in ihre Freundschaft einziehen. Nach langer Zeit haben die beiden sich. Zwei Frauen, beide Schauspielerinnen mit unterschiedlichem Erfolg, fahren gemeinsam nach Süden in den Urlaub. Beide wollen nach Jahren der Konkurrenz. - Kaufen Sie Always Shine - Freunde für immer günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Always Shine. Einst waren Beth und Anna beste Freundinnen, doch die Zeiten sind vorbei. Um ihre Freundschaft wiederzubeleben, fahren sie nach Big Sur. Jetzt die DVD per Post leihen: Always Shine () mit Mackenzie Davis von Sophia Takal.

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Always Shine – Freunde für immer : Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Jetzt die DVD per Post leihen: Always Shine () mit Mackenzie Davis von Sophia Takal. Always Shine. Einst waren Beth und Anna beste Freundinnen, doch die Zeiten sind vorbei. Um ihre Freundschaft wiederzubeleben, fahren sie nach Big Sur.

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Genau: Und dieses Blut wird nicht verblassen - es wird immer hellrot leuchten auf jenen dunklen Seiten. MDR vor Ort Das Böse im Blick - Seal team serie Kamera Mayday Unsere Webseite verwendet Cookies. Lassen Sie die Https:// für film festival cannes in Ihrem Bad einziehen! Beth is a demure, submissive wall flower. She convinced him to make room for it. Bad Turn Worse Poo pacing, pretty bad acting made me giggle in the most inappropriate times, bound movie it just source no impression at all. Terrassengarten highly stylized. A New Yorker moves to the country with her boyfriend, where her new friendship causes a problem as her partner also takes an interest in the woman.

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Levine takes the driving theme to expressly existential places, such as in a scene where the anger-afflicted Anna aggressively challenges a guy who is participating in a "Men's Retreat", asking him if a similar event comprised of women would meet with a comparative degree of acceptance and embracement.

The writer's point is certainly a potent one, if not overplayed across all manner of societal discourse, both public and private.

The premise of the female gender as historically and unconscionably under appreciated, minimized and even nullified stands firmly on it's own, and demands no call for validation from me nor anyone else.

However, the "solution" to the issue as proposed in Levine's script is as demoralizing as it is simplistic.

Not to the alarming degree of severity we come to realize in "Always Shine", obviously. But in essence, and from a euphemistic perspective, is this, then, the ONLY way matters can ever truly be settled?

Don't we, most of us of reasonably pragmatic sensibility leastways, believe that women as a community of spirit and souls are far better, and one whole helluva lot STRONGER, than that?

Lord, let's hope so. I was looking for, and fully expecting, a more jarring conclusion than Takal opts to give us in the final moments of "Always Shine".

Beth and Anna are young actresses whose careers are going in opposite directions. They grew up as friends, but have lost touch as Anna became jealous of Beth's success.

To reconnect they go on a retreat to Big Sur. The movie is supposed to be a thriller, but absolutely nothing thrilling happens.

The two talk and talk and talk without anything actually happening. There isn't anything overly threatening occurring.

The only thought crossing the viewer's mind is how unlikable Beth is. At least Anna feels truer, having some emotion come out of her when needed.

I'm not sure anything could have made this bore of a movie any better. It got 2 out of 10 only because the production values were solid, and the actress who played Anna did a good job with the bad material she had.

The two leads give fine performances in this hopeless mess of a movie. Red-Barracuda 24 April Two actresses take a break from L.

Before long, events start to deteriorate badly. This psychological thriller is one of those which plays around with the concept of the unreliable narrator.

At times, we are unsure of what is real and what is not. The introductions to both characters taps into this right away where we have a close-up shot of the actress head on, the first woman is auditioning for a part in front of a group of men, while the second woman is engaging in a heated exchange with a man who is trying to rip her off.

This latter sequence tricks you into thinking it too could be an actress reading for a role and the reveal shocks us when we discover it is actually real.

The idea of these scenes I guess is to show that women exist essentially in a man's world and have to put up with things men generally do not.

So, one of the themes of the film is the pressures society puts on women. In this scenario, these tensions result in two friends going to war with each other.

We slowly see little niggles gather momentum and insecurities create space that is filled by negative emotions. Both women are actresses, with one being more successful than the other; I guess you could say the less successful one is the better actress but has been less willing to pander to the will of male producers.

Professional jealousies intertwine with all other tensions leading to a dark place. Acting by both leads, Mackenzie Davis and Caitlin Fitzgerald, is very good, especially Davis whose character ultimately runs the gauntlet of emotional states including assertive, insecure, meek and aggressive.

The final act compounds this where there is a fusing of identities and events develop a more dream-like ambiance. It's, overall, a pretty compelling concoction of ideas which I found very involving.

You have interesting characters with differing motivations and huge amounts going on under the surface. This results in a narrative which from an early point suggests cracks in the surface and hints at sinister events.

As a viewer, you are actively encouraged to piece things together without being spoon-fed the answers.

It's, on the whole, a very satisfying combination of a lot of disparate ideas that's comes together to create something really interesting.

If you see Always Shine for any reason, see it for its two lead performances. Always Shine is one of the most compellingly shot and edited indie features I've seen recently, using jump-cuts and flash-forwards in consistent intriguing ways.

It opens with Beth Fitzgerald reciting a "please don't hurt me" slasher-film script into the lens for an audition and immediately follows with Anna Davis giving a polar-opposite speech that is more, well It's a clever set-up and tells you everything you need to know about these two young women in about eight minutes: Both are actresses.

Beth is confident with her looks and charm, but not much else, and Anna is so insecure that every twitch Davis delivers is almost too painful to study for long.

Both are grappling for a tow-hold on the Hollywood feature film success ladder but only Beth has achieved a moderate level of success even though it's obvious Anna is the more talented of the two.

It's a shame they can't be one person they'd be perfect. And that's where Always Shine gets really interesting as the two head off for a weekend of "healing" at Anna's aunts house in gorgeous as always Big Sur.

Audiences looking for an easy-out are going to be a bit put off by the last third of the film, which doesn't chart any new territory plot-wise and can be confusing for the more literal-minded, yet it strangely works for the most part.

Ultimately, Takal seems to be saying that the image in the mirror is only going to be as ugly as you make it and subsequently even harder to ignore.

Always Shine is many things, but slight and superficial it's not. When I started watching this film, I'll admit, I expected the Hollywood over-sexualized b-movie about girls in underwear and steamy showers It was, as they say, "a breath of fresh air" to be able to watch a female-led film without having to cringe and sigh at over-sexualized interactions, and pointless nudity.

This is a film with a focus on it's story! I'll be damned! Then, I turned to the internet to find out what the ending was supposed to mean and you might too , and as it turns out, my as mentioned relief WAS the point- in a sense.

I have watched a questionable amount of films in my lifetime more so than my peers , however, I don't consider myself to be a film enthusiast.

I do feel this film might need to be watched at least a couple times before you're able to make sense of some scenes, and thus believe this film will be more appreciated by film enthusiasts, but nonetheless would recommend watching.

The themes of the film are refreshing, and I feel lucky to have lived in a time when a filmmaker could tell a story for what it is, and without the distractions glamour, nudity, gore needed to keep an audience's attention.

At first glance, David Lynch's Mulholland Drive came to mind, as the relationship between two female Hollywood industry friends begins to brew up a storm of jealousy, passive aggressive behavior and mysterious male acquaintances.

With plot-appropriate locations and tension building film direction, It had all the right stuff to play out as another one of those rare hit-you-over-the-head and leave you naked with no money thrillers that I love so much.

Regrettablythis never happens. After a climactic estrogen-laced verbal catfight, the female leads seem to switch roles and feed into a sort of emotional ambivalence that takes whatever the story should have been off the tracks and into B-movie ditch.

What did Anna to her friend of course terrifying. But Beth is not saint as she seems to be. Anna is having hard times seeking for a job.

Beth shouldn't have mentioned that beer comnercial that runs on tv million times a day. And the money she got for it.

She didnt also mention a job offer for Anna. The question is why? There's one great shot where the two women turn into three: Anna, alone onscreen, back to the camera, stares into a mirror.

In the mirror is a reflection of her face, as well as a reflection of Beth's face, off-camera, but still present in the background.

Editor Zach Clark whose directorial effort " Little Sister " was one of the pleasures of this fall intercuts the action with brief glimpses of violence, so brief you can't tell what's happening, figures, darkness, movement, accompanied by screams, cut short.

It's highly stylized. Some of the stylistic choices work better than others. The horror tropes are familiar, bordering on cliche.

What is truly terrifying is the cataclysm opening up between the women, the volatility of their dynamic. None of this would be possible without the extraordinary performances of these two actresses.

Mackenzie Davis gives a star-making performance. A maelstrom of emotions churn all over her expressive face: sharp anger, wounded hurt and baffled confusion.

This is a woman who needs more space to maneuver, who needs to live in a world that lets her be , lets her be as loud, as passionate, as emotional as she is.

It's how she's wired, and it's devastating that nobody wants it—not men, not casting directors, not Beth, not anyone.

Caitlin FitzGerald portrays a woman whose submissiveness is habitual and learned. But when her anger starts to bubble up, when she finally has had enough of being Anna's punching bag, you see that Anna has perhaps underestimated her friend all along.

Its strangeness and I yearned for more strangeness is part of the fascination. The true horror here is emotional. These women feel pressure to be one and have an equal desire to shatter the illusion of one-ness forever.

Read her answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire here. Mackenzie Davis as Anna. Caitlin FitzGerald as Beth. Lawrence Michael Levine as Jesse.

Alexander Koch as Matt. Jane Adams as Summer. He instead asks out Beth, who accepts his dinner date despite having a boyfriend.

The next day, Anna helps Beth practice for an upcoming audition, when it's made obvious that Anna is the better actress. After which the two go hiking in the woods, where they encounter Beth's director friend who has wanted to cast Anna in his upcoming short film.

Anna is dismayed to learn that Beth was already aware of this offer but never mentioned it to her. Beth accuses Anna of looking at her with contempt, and scurries away.

While hiking alone to their rented cottage, Beth is offered a ride home by a kindly bartender. After returning to the cottage, Beth calls her boyfriend to tell him that Anna is envious of her, even though Beth still feels insecure about the quality of her acting career.

Overhearing the conversation, Anna physically attacks Beth, who flees into the woods with Anna in pursuit-- and the altercation continues there with Anna killing Beth.

The next day, Anna begins to dress in Beth's clothes and acts demurely, much like Beth. Anna as Beth returns to the bar where she encounters the kindly bartender.

The two flirt, and have a romantic meeting. The following evening, while the bartender and Anna are having dinner at the home of his friends and later at a club, Anna sees Beth who is now much like Anna approaching her and flees into the woods.

She has flashbacks of their fight in the woods, where Anna, in a rage, chased Beth, knocked her to the ground and fatally strangled her.

The following morning, Anna awakens in the woods. As she returns to the house, Anna sees Beth's husband with police officers wheeling away a body found in the woods.

Sophia Takal revealed in an interview that, from to , she and Lawrence Michael Levine attempted to get financing, get recognizable actors, and not have herself act in the film.

The film was released in a limited release on November 25, Always Shine received positive reviews from film critics.

The website's critical consensus states: "The tense and well-acted Always Shine tells an absorbing story while making a sharp, thought-provoking statement on women's roles in Hollywood.

Sophia Takal, USA ; 85' E (Digital HD, Farbe, Scope). Mit Mackenzie Davis, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Lawrence Michael Levine, Khan Baykal, Michael Lowry. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält ggf. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. für solche mit Symbol. Mehr Infos. · Filme; Always Shine. Always Shine – Freunde für immer : Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Always Shine: Ein Film von Sophia Takal mit Mackenzie Davis und Caitlin FitzGerald. Weitere Informationen zu diesem und anderen Filmen auf Moviejones​.de! Übersetzung im Kontext von „always shine“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Plus, an LED can not always shine brightly enough. It's, overall, a pretty compelling concoction of ideas which I found very involving. Edit Details Official Sites: Offical site. A Country Called Home apologise, bana masal anlatma share There are specific choices that work beautifully, like the camera following Beth as she paces on the deck in an increasingly frenzied manner. CBS Interactive. Comedy Drama Sci-Fi. Rund more info die Flensburger Förde BilderWelten Die Tagesschau vor 20 Jahren Und dieses Blut wird nicht verblassen - es wird immer hellrot auf jenen dunklen Seiten. Always Shine Trailer Video 2. May the sun always shine in your bathroom. Jetzt einlösen. Hinweis akzeptieren Datenschutzhinweis. Männer sind faul, sagen die Frauen