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Sgt. Abraham Ford ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wurde von Michael Cudlitz in der gleichnamigen amerikanischen Fernsehserie porträtiert. In beiden Medien bereiste Abraham das Land mit seiner Freundin Rosita. Abraham Ford ist ein Hauptcharakter und Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Vor. Abrahams Gruppe war eine kleine Gruppe von Überlebenden, die in "Neben dem Gleis" einführt worden. Abraham Ford trifft in Staffel 4 von The Walking Dead auf Rick und Co. und merkt schnell, dass es trotz der Apokalypse noch Dinge gibt, für die. Es ist tatsächlich offiziell: Neben TWD-Urgestein Jon Bernthal aka "Shane" kehrt auch "Abraham“-Darsteller Michael Cudlitz in Staffel.

the walking dead abraham

Abraham Ford trifft in Staffel 4 von The Walking Dead auf Rick und Co. und merkt schnell, dass es trotz der Apokalypse noch Dinge gibt, für die. In der letzten Folge von "Fear the Walking Dead" feierte TWD-Abgänger Dwight sein Debüt beim Spin-off der Horrorserie. Die heutige Folge des Ablegers legt. Abraham Ford ist ein ehemaliger Militär, der zufällig auf den angeblichen Wissenschaftler Eugene Porter trifft, der behauptet, den Grund für die Seuche und. See also: The Walking Dead season 6. September Https:// Guide. Like I am without. Abraham and Eugene reconcile over their differences and Abraham admits to feeling guilty for almost killing him while Eugene also admits the guilt he feels for lying in the first place and thanks him for getting them to Washington. InfinityStones wrote:Really hoping that Eugene goes on an apeshit murderous rampage because she died. Frank Rogers. Michonne's Group. The next read article he found their eaten bodies and the undead body of his daughter, whom Abraham shot in the face. He starts to panic frantically, asking Rosita to please click for source sure he never kills . Verstorbene Charaktere werden rot und kursiv angezeigt. Nach Ausbruch der hauself Apokalypse war This web page mit seiner Familie zusammen mit mehreren Nachbarn in Houston anwesend, wo sie sich gemeinsam in einem örtlichen Lebensmittelgeschäft verschanzten. Abrahams Tod markiert den Auftakt zur 7. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Abraham ist ein rücksichtsloser und mutiger Überlebenskünstler mit einem aufbrausenden Temperament und einem ebenso tiefen Sinn für Humor. Bones: Charakter, Hannah Burley.

The group embark on a new mission in Washington D. Had this episode been more factually accurate, Abraham would most likely have been overwhelmed by the approaching horde and killed long before he met Negan and the Saviours.

Meanwhile, another fan noticed a peculiar continuity error in the very same episode when Maggie Lauren Cohan assists Abraham on the truck.

Even though Abraham did eventually meet his gory demise, fans were still glad he survived the horde in this instance and remained on TWD for another season.

This article contains affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. This catches Abraham off-guard, causing him to keep pressing Michonne on the subject, even after she tries to dodge the conversation.

However, they are interrupted by a mysterious stranger cloaked in a black trench coat. He thanks them for clearing the zombies out of the area, saying he got trapped.

Michonne quickly raises her sword against the stranger, demanding to know who he is, but, he quickly responds by kneeing Michonne in the gut, and disarming her sword in the process.

Abraham sees this, and demands the stranger release Michonne. He tells Abraham he is just trying to talk, but, Michonne uses the opportunity to elbow the stranger in the stomach, and separate herself from the stranger's grasp.

Abraham then opens fire on the stranger, believing that he had hit the stranger after he dived behind a car. However, this proves to be a fatal mistake, as the stranger uses Abraham's eagerness to his advantage, luring him over the car he dived behind.

However, when Abraham gets there, the stranger leaps over another car, and kicks Abraham in the face, disarming Abraham in the process.

Michonne tries to shoot the stranger, but he knocks her off her feet with a well-placed kick. He then grabs Abraham and uses Michonne's sword to hold him hostage, telling her to go and fetch their leader before someone gets hurt.

Abraham begrudgingly tells her to comply and she does, going to alert Rick of the stranger's intention to talk with him.

Soon after, Rick comes to the scene, demanding the stranger release Abraham. The stranger does so, but, Abraham tries to backhand him, however, this backfires, the stranger smashing Abraham's head into the pavement, knocking him away, and distancing himself.

After Rick calms the situation down, the stranger reveals his name as Paul Monroe, but, he prefers the nickname Jesus.

After a few more minutes of talking, Paul reveals that he is from a nearby safe-zone called the Hilltop Colony. Paul offers them a trading route, Rick seemingly accepts, but, takes Paul by surprise, managing to knock him out.

Abraham later joins Rick and Michonne on a run outside the Safe-Zone, searching for any of Paul's people that might be camping nearby.

However, after the clear out a group of zombies, the trio decides to trust Paul's claims, and visit the Hilltop Colony. Abraham is later left in charge of the Safe-Zone after Rick, and a few other members of the community, decide to travel with Paul to the Hilltop.

Abraham is seen attending one of Fr. Gabriel's church services in the Safe-Zone. After the service finishes, Maggie confronts Abraham about Carl's disappearance, however, he tells her not to worry, saying that Carl is plenty capable of taking care of himself, and that he probably went with Rick to the Hilltop Colony, which later turns out to be true.

Abraham later travels to see Eugene is his house, inquiring why he no longer goes to church. Eugene tells him that he was too busy to go, as he has been searching the area's phone-books for nearby locations to help in his idea of casting ammunition.

Abraham tells him to wait for Rick to get back, also asking Eugene if Rosita is with him. Eugene tells him that she is not, and that she is much happier living with him than she was with Abraham, causing him to leave in a hurry.

Abraham later joins Heath on watch at the Safe-Zone's gate. He asks Heath what the status is, and Heath tells him that things have been quiet, only a few zombies managing to get stuck in the trenches around the Safe-Zone.

Abraham then joins Heath, and Holly, in killing the zombies stuck in the trenches. While they are doing so, they discover a zombie that has rotted to an extreme state, such a state were the zombie's skin had turned black.

They quickly examine it before putting it down, Abraham stating that he does not care if it is rotted as long as it is dead.

They then witness Rick's return to the Safe-Zone, and are informed of the deal with Hilltop to rid them of The Saviors in exchange for food.

Early next morning, Abraham attends a town meeting held by Rick Grimes, informing them about The Saviors and Hilltop in greater deal.

After this, Abraham accompanies Eugene on a trip outside the Safe-Zone, hoping to locate a suitable place for Eugene to cast ammunition.

However, unknowingly to both of them, they are stalked by a large group of Saviors, who hope to ambush them. While Abraham and Eugene are talking about Rosita outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone , Abraham is shot in the back of the head by a Savior named Dwight using a crossbow, though, incredibly, he manages to finish his sentiments before dying, not even hesitating, as though he did not feel the pain.

His dead body is later found by Andrea and Rick being eaten by a zombie. Rick and Andrea grab Abraham's dead body and carry it back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone presumably for burying with the rest of the dead Alexandria Safe-Zone citizens.

His death has shown to have had a significant impact on the survivors, emotionally and practically. Rick openly acknowledged Abraham's important role as muscle for the Community shortly after his death, explaining to the group that seeking aid from the Hilltop Colony is needed to fill the power void Abraham's death has created.

After Rick killed a group of Saviors to send a message to Negan, Negan instead sent Dwight and a few others to kill at least one of Rick's group.

While Abraham and Eugene are talking about Rosita outside of Alexandria, Abraham is shot in the back of the head by a Savior named Dwight using a crossbow, though, incredibly, he manages to finish his sentiments before dying.

Beth and Abraham presumably had a strained relationship given that they got a divorce before the apocalypse.

Despite that, Abraham still loved her. When he found out Beth was raped along with their daughter, Abraham was so enraged he killed the culprits with his bare hands.

This caused Beth to become terrified of Abraham, so much so that she fled from him that night along with their children.

This resulted in Beth's death, as well as the deaths of their children. Abraham would forever be haunted by this event.

After Abraham's group began to head towards Washington, Rosita and Abraham started a relationship with each other. Both showed love for each other and Abraham protected her many times.

Abraham also was secretly emotional with Rosita. This is shown when he puts a gun to Ricks head. But the relationship takes a bad turn when they get to Alexandria.

When Rosita learns Abraham cheated on her with Holly. He reveals he loves Holly. After Abrahams death, Rosita is really distraught and upset.

Revealing to Eugene she loved him and will miss him. A man who later joined up with Abraham's group, Eugene claimed to be a scientist that knew the cause of the zombie outbreak.

Abraham told Andrea that until Eugene came along, he was 'ready to eat a bullet, then this guy came to me with a problem I think I can solve.

Abraham and Rosita caught Eugene admiring them during sex, which creeped them out, to say the least. Abraham's trust in Eugene was shattered when it was revealed that Eugene was lying about being a scientist from the very beginning.

The bitterness was resolved eventually and the two continued fighting alongside each other until the breakup between Abraham and Rosita.

Soon after Eugene would go onto claim that he and Rosita were together, though the latter denied this to Abraham.

In his final moments before his death, he spoke with Eugene about this matter, stating that if he can make her happy like he is without her then so be it.

Eugene was the last survivor to share time with him before his demise. A fellow member of the Alexandria construction team.

Abraham saved Holly during a zombie attack during his first time out working on the wall expansion. After seeing Abraham kill Bruce and explaining that he did this to spare Bruce from coming back, she tearfully hugs him showing the first signs that they had started a relationship between each other.

Extremely quickly Abraham then began to show that he cared about her more than he did about Rosita, leaving the latter extremely bitter towards him.

His happiness with Holly was extremely obvious, even in his dying words with Eugene regarding Rosita.

She was shown to be devastated at the sight of his body and heartbroken at the funeral, where she would go onto be accepted as his last true love by Rosita.

Abraham and Rick's relationship got off to a rocky start. When Abraham was convinced that Maggie had died, after her attempted suicide, and tried to shoot her in order to protect the group from turning, Rick pulled a gun on him, triggering anger and distrust in Abraham about Rick and his group.

Abraham even attempted to murder Rick, before changing his mind and saving Rick from a roamer, later regretting what he might have done.

After a while though Rick began to value Abraham's strength and courage which made him realize that Abraham was an essential part of their group.

Because of this he eventually came to respect Rick as a leader and became good friends with him. Rick was shown to be upset at the sight of a roamer eating the corpse of Abraham.

He would go on, to not only mourn the loss of Abraham, but, also realize just how badly the loss would affect the groups' strategic standing.

Little interaction was seen between them, but, Carl and Abraham were on good terms. When Carl was nearly raped by a group of bandits, Abraham assisted in saving him, killing one of the would-be rapists.

Abraham seemed to care for Carl's safety, and he also thought that Carl was able to take care of himself.

After Abraham's death, Carl attended his funeral. Abraham and Andrea started off very poorly as Andrea holds him and his group at gunpoint.

When Dale was taken by the Hunters, Abraham stated that they should leave and not waste time looking for him, angering Andrea.

After some time, they became friends. Andrea was sad when Abraham was killed. Because of this, she wanted Dwight dead.

Abraham was the first of Rick's group to acknowledge Aaron, during Aaron's captivity, Abraham was the first of Rick's group to believe in Aaron's offer of a safe community.

After reaching and settling into Alexandria, the two seemed to work and get along well. During Abraham and Rosita's breakup, Aaron made a snarky comment which he quickly apologizes when Abraham gives him a tense look.

Aaron was seen grieving at Abraham's funeral. Abraham and Michonne did not interact much in the series until Issue Abraham and Michonne went out of the Safe-Zone to scout the surrounding area and she opens up to him about her loneliness.

The two share a bonding moment before taking out a few zombies and finding Paul Monroe. At Abraham's funeral in Issue 99 , she was shown shedding tears.

Abraham distrusts Gabriel when they first met checking him for weapon and believes Gabriel is leading them into a trap, which Gabriel makes a joke about, making Abraham angry.

But he is thankful for leading him and the group use his church as shelter. Abraham was outraged about Gabriel's comments about the hunters.

Gabriel later held a funeral service for Abraham. Abraham and Tobin did not get along from almost their first meeting. Abraham berated Tobin on his leadership of the construction-crew, berating the fact that Tobin failed to save Holly, angrily accusing him of leaving her to die.

After this, Tobin gains respect for Abraham, and believes he would make a better leader for the construction-crew. He stays true to this belief, and later hands in his leadership position in favor of Abraham.

After this, the two put aside their differences, becoming mutual friends. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Do you like this video? This article is about the Comic Series character. For other pages with the same name, see: Abraham " I get it, man.

You like her, you want to be with her. I'm not going to stand in the way at all. Fucking hell, man. I still have feelings for her. But my feelings for her mean I want her to be I don't want to be with her.

I want her to be happy without me. Like I am without her. I want things to be Do you understand? If she can be happy with you And then I just don't-- " —Abraham's discussion with Eugene about Rosita and also his final words.

Contents [ show ]. Beth Ford " Look, fuck-face. I had an eight year old boy, a six year old girl and an ex-wife that couldn't stand me but truth be told, I still kind of loved her.

Fucked up as it was--I had a family. Now I don't. I'm not sorry for cheating on you with Holly. I'm sorry that I ended up hurting you in the process.

After my wife died You were there for me. I appreciate that. And for a time, you were what I needed.

But I always found myself thinking "What if you aren't the last woman on earth? And well You're not. I just want things to be I just don't-- " —Abraham's last words to Eugene [src].

I was dying to be with you. But well, what we did was wrong , I feel tremendous fucking guilt over it. I've really come to respect Rick I don't mean to make things worse.

Unless you crossed him. Kid could probably take care of himself better than anyone. That how you've been operating? Protect the many, fuck the few?

Jesus Christ. Let's finish up and get back home. Rosita is doomed. And the man can sure turn a phrase, as his many gems during his recent road trip with Sasha prove.

Without further ado, check out ten of his best…. Go behind-the-scenes of the walker kill so gross it caused Abraham to utter these words.

Watch: Michael Cudlitz on the raw emotion he channels to play Abraham. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit… and then some.

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Without further ado, check out ten of his best…

Während ihrer Reise trafen sie auf einen Mitüberlebenden, Althea, der sie beide vor ihrer Trennung interviewte. Zu Sasha hingegen baut Abraham eine tiefgründigere Bindung auf. Er sagt ihnen, dass er ein Mitglied der Gruppe auswählen wird, das als Vergeltung für die Saviors, die Rick und Gruppe getötet hat. Unterwegs trafen sie eine Frau namens Altheadie sie interviewte. Kategorien :. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Vom Verhalten des Mannes here Vaters schockiert, floh Ellen mit ihren Kindern und wurde nur suicide squad kinostart Zeit später von Walkern angegriffen und getötet. Über Abrahams Gruppe ist vor dem Ausbruch nichts bekannt. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Er sagte der Gruppe, dass er ein Wissenschaftler sei, der die Auswirkungen der Apokalypse umkehren könne. Zu seinen besten Zeiten gibt er seinen Freunden aufschlussreiche Tipps und Ratschläge, lockert die Stimmung auf und macht sich Gedanken über die Zukunft der Menschheit. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Der erfahrene Kämpfer entscheidet sich allerdings dafür Rick und den anderen zu helfen, allerdings wünscht er sich im Gegenzug, dass auch eschweiler kino ihn bei der Reise nach Staffel 1 helfen. Abrahams Persönlichkeit und Geschichte unterscheidet sich anfänglich kaum von der Serie. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Start Your Free Imdb fargo. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage kaufhaus cop 2 kann absehen, wie Https:// entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Nach einer Weile vergibt Abraham Eugene und versucht, sich wieder mit ihm anzufreunden. Aktuelle Serien-News. Nach dem Ausbruch der Seuche ist er zufällig auf Dr.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 - Glenn and Abraham Death

The Walking Dead Abraham - Weitere Charaktere aus "The Walking Dead"

Von Wut zerfressen tötete Abraham ihn und vier weitere Männer. Aktuelle Kommentare Abraham wuchs in Houston, Texas, auf, obwohl wenig über seine frühe Kindheit bekannt ist. Wiki erstellen. Nachdem er die Männer aus Rache für die Verachtung gegenüber seiner Familie brutal ermordet hat, versuchen sie, ihn aus Angst zu verlassen.

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Verpasst keine News und Updates. Dann machen sie sich gemeinsam auf den Weg nach Terminus. Unbekannte Charaktere werden in Blau angezeigt. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Als Porter versehentlich den Truck zerstört, mit dem sie reisen, bleibt Ford nichts anderes übrig, als Glenn zu begleiten. In seinen letzten Momenten stirbt Abraham als ehrenwerter und mutiger Mann, der seine letzten humorvollen Worte an seinen Mörder richtet: "Lutsch Eine lange Zeit der Depression folgt.

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Following the outbreak of coronavirus post-production on the 16th and final episode of season ten, A Certain Doom, was significantly delayed.

As the lockdown begins to ease, fans are hoping the extensive special effects and editing work can be completed soon and The Walking Dead can return to screens.

As the hiatus continues, The Walking Dead became a reliable source of entertainment during the strict lockdown thanks to its availability on streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.

He commanded the hostile group of survivors known as the Saviours and went on to plague Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln and the Alexandrians throughout season seven.

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Abraham Ford. Show all 39 episodes. NASA Director. Kohl Brother. Dan Balsamo. Officer John Cooper.

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the walking dead abraham "The Walking Dead": Abraham-Darsteller Michael Cudlitz kehrt in Staffel 10 der Zombie-Serie offiziell zurück. Allerdings in einer ganz neuen. Ab 20spielte er die Rolle des Sergeant Abraham Ford in der US-​Fernsehserie The Walking Dead, in welcher er in Episode sein Regiedebüt​. Abraham Ford ist ein ehemaliger Militär, der zufällig auf den angeblichen Wissenschaftler Eugene Porter trifft, der behauptet, den Grund für die Seuche und. Michael Cudlitz a.k.a. Abraham ist auch in der neunten Staffel The Walking Dead involviert. Dieses Mal allerdings hinter der Kamera – und. In der letzten Folge von "Fear the Walking Dead" feierte TWD-Abgänger Dwight sein Debüt beim Spin-off der Horrorserie. Die heutige Folge des Ablegers legt.

The Walking Dead Abraham Video

TWD S4E10 - Ending - Meet Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene